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Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Christmas Homecoming by MaryAnn Diorio

A Christmas Homecoming weaves a tale of regrets, forgiveness, reconciliation and hope wrapped up in this book by MaryAnn Diorio. It's a great reminder of the reason why we celebrate this Christmas season - Jesus.

Sonia Pettit finds it difficult to prepare for the holidays. Without her husband living anymore, and her daughter missing for the past seven years, it just doesn't seem like Christmas with just her and her son Ben.

Jody Pettit O'Dair has many regrets, the biggest is never letting her family know what happened to her. But now she lives half the world away and there is no hope of ever seeing them again. Besides, why would they want to?

I found this book to be a delightful read, and enjoyed the reminder of the reconciliation we can have with our Lord and Savior.

This book was provided free for review by Pelican Ventures Book Group-Harbourlight Books.

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About A Christmas Homecoming

Seven Christmases have passed since Sonia Pettit last heard from her daughter Jody. Since Jody's departure, Sonia's world has been turned upside down. Her husband has died of a broken heart, and her son, bitter over his sister's destructive actions, has become rebellious.
Her greatest desire is to have her family together at Christmas, but after what Jody has put them all through, can Sonia truly forgive her daughter?
Jody Pettit O'Dair ran away to experience a life of adventure and excitement, but since her departure, her world has been turned upside down. She's been abandoned by the man she met and married, lost her job, and is unable to care for her two children. With nowhere else to turn, this prodigal daughter begins the long journey home and prays she will be welcomed after walking away so long ago.
Will Jody find forgiveness in the arms of her family as easily as she received it from God? 
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Meet MaryAnn:  

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio loves God, people, children, and dogs, in that order. She also is passionate about story and its power to transform the human heart. Dr. MaryAnn, as she is affectionately called, writes compelling fiction that deals with the deepest issues of life. She is Adjunct Online Professor of Fiction Writing for Regent University and coaches writers on their journey to publication. MaryAnn and her husband Dominic are the blessed parents of two wonderful daughters and a fantastic son-in-law.
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